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Date Created:2002-8-16
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Too cute to words, Doug makes friends with everyone he meets. He's adorable, funny, sometimes shy, and not as innocent as he may seem.
Strengths: Smart as they get. Patient. Good with his hands. Takes direction well. Knows the difference between flotsom and jetsom. Eats his own cooking.
Weaknesses: Kinda naive. Can't tell when girls are melting for him (and are absolutely ready to do *whatver* he wants).
Special Skills: Can stuff both feet into his mouth, up to his knees, in two seconds or less.
Weapons: Sharp edged humor coated with dripping sarcasm. Killer smile.
Cute and Fuzzy Reptiles: You can't get better love than turtle love. Cute and fuzzy turtles make for great cuddling. Don't scare them, though, because they like to hide in their shells.

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