Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Update

The weekend went a bit fuller than expected.

Friday night out was Urban BBQ. The wife and I split some ribs and some cornbread. I regretted the delicious ribs with some fairly immediate heartburn, but I regretted the cornbread more as that gave me a headache. (I bet the buggerers put whey into the cornbread mix, damn them.) So, starting Saturday night and into Sunday, I had a headache.

On Saturday night, we went down to Mt. Zion to help feed the homeless. Let me tell you, the homeless don't look like they do on TV. They don't dress like they do on TV. And most importantly, they are people. We wanted Miss Dash to get some volunteering in and do some good work, and she did, taking on all the jobs given to her.

The system works this way. People who want to come in are given a number. Then, everyone is allowed in and sits at their place. They get a plate and utensils. After prayers, groups are invited up by number. If a number does not come up, the number taker shouts out their numbers and tries to find them. There is a good faith effort to ensure that everyone gets their fair spot. We went through five group of ten, totally 51 people. At 5:30, the desserts open up, and then people can also come back for seconds. At 5:45, we put out containers so that people who want more can take what remains away. After that, it's cleanup.

After feeding people, we visited Mardi and Alberto, and had some dinner. The girls had their playdate while we had our playdate, playing a card game called Sequence.

On Sunday, Jenny was liturgist while I was second parent at Sunday school, then I was storyteller at Godly Play. That was my first time as storyteller. I learned a few things. First, the importance of welcoming everyone is your most important job. Second, telling the story is your next important job. All in all ,I did better than I had expected. We only had two of the younger children in, so attention was a little chaotic.

Most importantly, this was the Sunday when Miss Dash received her Bible. This is a rite-of-passage ceremony in our church and a rather wonderful one, where a Bible is unwrapped through multiple layers, each layer symbolizing something. This really helps put into the kids mind that the Bible is special without some sort of lecture.The entire trio of terror was there. (We have three girls in the same year.)

We wrapped up the weekend with Doctor Who and "Listen." (We're still a week behind. No spoilers.)
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