Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Quarterly Update

I haven't posted sales for a while.

I picked up two sales of Macbeth the Usurper in the last few weeks. That would be students reading it. Yay for some small amount of product strategy working for that title. Other than that, the last few months have been mostly flatlined, with a few sales here and there due to advertising. I would estimate my profits at $10. No sales from any venue other than Amazon. I have given away 7 books on Kobo.

Meanwhile, I continue having no reviews or stars. I ran a Goodreads promotion. I picked up no new stars on Goodreads and no new stars anywhere else.

Every title remains unrated by my readers. That indicates a serious problem as my readers are not finishing, or they don't hate the book well enough to rate it badly. Call it the quicksands of mediocrity. I'll never make it into the SFWA at this rate. How am I supposed to rail against book award being rigged and total unfairness if I can't get my books into the running?

[Joke] It's all because I'm a white dude and the system is so totally politically correct now. I mean, look at John Scalzi, right? On the other hand, let's not look in that direction at all. Here, have a cookie. [/joke]

I hope that sales pick up with my next book, due out shortly. No ETA until I get my MS back from my wife/editor. Experience says I should have everything in line by mid-October.
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