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Dashboard Reflection

I did some driving in the new car on Sunday.

The thing has big side mirrors. I like them.

I get a shimmy over 65 mph. The tires need replacing with a proper matched set.

The car drove very safely in a downpour. It had good handling in the rain.

The Ford Five Hundred has an issue with the tan version. The dashboard reflects too much in the windshield. This makes driving a challenge when it's sunny. In addition, a vent reflection goes across the right, front bumper line from my perspective, meaning that I cannot easily determine the line to the front, right bumper. The usual solution to this is to cover the dash or to get a dashboard mat of some sort. Other folks just use felt. I'll start simple and move on from there.

I also have an issue with the front right bumper. Even without the glare, I have difficulty knowing where it is. I plan to put some sort of marker on the hood.

The stereo replacement worked well and doesn't rattle. I think that the speakers could use an upgrade, but I'm not doing it right now.