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Orbital - The Box

Last night, I explained my social sense to my wife like the video for Orbital's The Box. It's not that any one moment is filled with things flinging about me, but the sense that any social scene that I come into contact with is blazing around me at speeds that I cannot comprehend and cannot speed up enough to make sense of.

For exapmle, I tried to keep up with Anime for years, and in all that time, in hanging out the secret masters of anime, never got more than a single step up the rung of understand. The scene moved too quickly for me, foiling my attemps to even get started with the scene.

Anyhow, this feels like my world when I try to get involved in a group.

The only real success that breaks that barrier is when I figure out where the choke points are, forcing myself into a place where others must interact with me.