Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Sony Walkman FM WM-F10

My first, all-mine music player was the Sony Walkman FM WM-F10, as displayed below. This was my graduation present from high school in 1984. I began by listening to it with batteries, but that proved expensive. Later in the winter, I moved to both a wall adapter and recharchable NiCads.

The unit is barely larger than a cassette. The motors that turn the tape are stunningly thin. This thing's engineering still impresses me. Even fifteen years later, this thing kicked the crap out of the generic cassettte players available. Overall, the build quallity was five-star solid.

What's not apparent about the unit is that it expands and contracts a little, depending on whether or not you had a casette in it. Here's a picture of it expanded.

In order to listen to my new but burgeoning record collection, I needed to record the records onto tape. That was done via my Jim P's full stereo. (He was "rich". He had and ENTIRE STEREO in his dorm room. I was easily impressed in those days.) As long as I could keep myself in casettes, I could keep listening to my LPs.

By the next year I had assembled pieces of an actual stereo, including an a turntable that I got for free from Jim P, and an amlifier/radio/8-track stereo gathering dust at home. They heyday for this fellow was already gone by. I still used it, I suppose, but the bulk of my listening was now via amplifier.

When I took this thing out of the attic for the last time, I discovered that it no longer worked. It would not turn on at all, so I recycled it. That was in the late-90's, before reselling on eBay. These days, there's a market for these things as these things are well remembered vintage. The ads claim that this model is rare, which I believe as I was the only person that I knew with this model.
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