Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Doctor Who - S8E2

In this second episode of Doctor Who this season, we got some story arc development and some Daleks.

As best as I can tell, Moffat wrote the Earth bits of this episode, which look to set up more story arc elements, as the main writer produced the bulk of the episode.

But forget the episode. I want to talk about cameras and color-grading. Visually, I have rather enjoyed the season so far. I am absoutely convinced that the team changed their cameras, and I like the change. I like the new way that these cameras are set up. When they do natural lighting, the images are downright gob-smacking.

Color grading is very important in this season. It's color grading that tells you where you are, from the very natural and almost beautiful grading to the very white and artificial. Every location seems to have its own key. This greatly helps the viewer track the story. I like that the team thought about color grading and how to use it. These days color grading is often used so poorly and so much like a sledgehammer, while here its used to support the story.

I also like the art-like special effects in places. There a point in the episode where our heroes cross a barrier, and in that moment, beauty is revealed. (I wonder if that will be a theme?) They did not need to put beauty there, but they did, and I like that they did. I like that they made a special affect special, not by throwing more effect at it, but revealing beauty through it.

I should look up who the art director is. I really like the decisions being made in so many places. It's as if they decided to shake up the look and the art just as much as they shook up the character of the Doctor.

The Daleks of this episode have a more armored feel to them. This time, they feel like the soldiers that they are supposed to be. They look more like soldiers. They are little rolling tanks of extreme prejudice. That fits in with a theme as well.

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