Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Unexpected Unexpectedness

This weekend didn't quite go as planned, but we had a good time anyway.

This was supposed to be our camping weekend, and the family actually did make it out the the Little Bennett camp ground. Rather than roll out on Friday, we rolled out on Saturday morning. Our first surprise was the new group camp site in the big field across from A-Loop. Our next surprise was our extra- sloping camp site.

We enjoyed having Xpioti and her brood over to the camp site for a good play and a marshmallow roast. While they went home, we cooked a nice batch of kebabs. We surprised Miss Dash by bringing along some familiar ponies, which led to a pony fashion show on that big field across from A-loop. She wanted to do that more than she wanted ice cream. So we lazied about the field for a while, and then decided to get ice cream anyway. We slipped in under the wire as the camp ice-cream social was almost over.

As a backdrop over all of this, Miss Dash is in a crappy mood, unhappy to have no Minecraft for videos during camping. In fact, she was rather put out by the entire trip, and both me and my wife were thoroughly sick of her attitude by the end.

The first night went well enough, but for some weird reason, the weather decided that all the nice August weather that we've been having was all a mistake, so it rolled in heat and humidity for us. Yeah, I really enjoyed that. My daughter pinned the covers, leaving all of us a little uncomfortable. Nobody slept well, not even the hornet who decided to stay the night with us.

With thunderstorms forecast for Sunday night, we pulled up tent stakes along with everyone else and rolled out, this time for Black Hills Nature Center. Jenny went kayaking while Miss Dash and I amused ourselves in the nature center. While driving home, Miss Dash announces that she's feeling sick.

Sunday night, Miss Dash got sick, waking my wife up from one to two in the morning. Miss Dash's temperature hovered about 100 to 101.

Monday was spent as laundry day, getting that laundry through the cycle. Meanwhile, I got annoyed at the basement, so finally retackled the laundry room and the store room, forming big piles for recycling, the dump, and give-away. My next trick is to actually shove stuff out the door.

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