Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


We've had Jenny's brother John in town, along with family, so this week has been rather occupying and enjoyable. I like my wife's brother, he's a great guy and his kids are great. Anna, my niece, has been staying with us in an extended sleepover, while little Andrew goes to a hotel to sleep.

Wednesday's activities were going to Wheaton Regional Park, then going to see The Big Friendly Giant at Imagination Stage. Yesterday's activities included boating at Lake Needwood and swimming at our local pool. Boating consisted of canoeing, and I wound up with both girls, who proved themselves ineffective rowers. I'm glad that there was a breeze, because I am sure that the breeze brought us back to the dock far better than our rowing. We rounded off yesterday with having everyone, plus Jenny's brother Mark and his girl Izzy over for dinner.

Today's I'm back to work while the family is off to the Air And Space Museum on the Mall. Later on, they'll go to the county fair, which I plan on skipping as I am sure that the kids will be getting exhausted. The shame is that the weather is beautiful for once and the fair should be grand.

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