Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Stats and More Stats

Let's compare an Outback 1996 to a Ford Five Hundred. All fractions are rounded.

Outback 2.2L

Width: 68"
Length: 184"
Weight: 3200 (est)
HP: 135 (23 hp/pound)
Wheel Base: 103"

Ford 500

Width:  75"
Length: 207"
Weight: 3664
HP: 203 (18 hp/pound)
Wheel Base: 113"

Overall, the Ford 500 is a larger and heavier car. It's almost a foot wider and two feet longer. It has more HP than my Subaru, sporting a V6 engine, but is also heavier, cancelling out the HP advantage. It would need to produce 160 hp to feel the same as my Subaru 2.2L, which already had a reputation as an anemic engine. However, the price/performance ratio still kicks ass (as in minimal cost) and reliability should be much higher. On a good note, the longer wheel base should make this baby a far better on long distance trips.

Research reveals that I can get the engine reprogrammed to produce more power, somewhere in the 260 HP range, which would make the engine output equivalent to my Subaru.

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