Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Possible Car

My father-in-law has offered us his old car as he wants a new one. The car itself is a 2005 Ford 500, which gets generally good reliability and safety ratings, while getting panned on fashionably and testosterone. Our current inclination is to take it as free is a great price.

There are issues, as there are always issues. This car is currently in Oklahoma, but the plan is to have my brother-in-law drive it up before grad school starts, and he'll visit his brother while he's up here. Then we need to sort out the title, tax, and tags for the thing, which I do no look forward to. I might all go easy enough, and then again, it might not. Do not underestimate the power of bureaucracy.

Meanwhile, that means saying goodbye to my Subaru, which I have no desire to say goodbye to, as it feels like one of the few things in my life which is mine. I do think about replacing it, but I want to replace it with a car of my choice, especially with another wagon, or a mini, or an Impreza WRX, or something. That is to say, I'd really like choice.

Meanwhile, I have aggressively power-saved my new iPhone, showing somewhat promising results. I pretty much turned the thing into a talk phone that sometimes gets email. The #1 job of that phone is to be operable so that someone can contact me while I'm on call. If it can't do that job, it's useless to me. Strange as it might seem, being on standby is its job.

I really don't know what to do with the thing otherwise, which seems odd at first, but it's not. How could a computer guy NOT know what to do with a smartphone? Well my friends, I've had smart devices and smart phones since 2001 with my Palm. My methodology for work and home has developed with these devices, and in almost all instances, I've chosen different solutions to using my little do-all electronic device. My to-do list regressed to paper in 2003 when my Palm died and I haven't looked back since. I'm near so many computers so often that I don't usually need a device. When I am away from a computer, I want to be away from the computer and focusing on something else, so have a distraction on me doesn't help. All in all, the smartphone is just another device to me, having to more say on how I do my job than any other of my tech toys. 

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