Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


This weekend's cuisine was Five Guys. Yay for Five Guys. We followed up Friday night dinner with a visit to a Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts. While my daughter enjoyed her bubblegum ice cream, I played "pick the most calorific order," because I can. Saturday morning fun consisted of peach pancakes, which certainly turned out very yummy.

Jenny ran off to a gardening thing on Saturday morning, learning more about whatever she learned, all the while working on straightening her arm. That dislocated elbow sure has been difficult to recover from, but certainly not as bad as a broken elbow. She continued working on the garden over the weekend. I did some bed turning on a new bed. I had covered it in dirt this spring to kill the grass, and that sure did make first groundbreaking easier. I still ran into big clumps of roots, but nothing like the insane sod that I knew lie underneath.

I bought my daughter the full PC version of Minecraft and she's beside herself in joy. Given free reign, she went horse nuts and generated about 1,000 horses. Yes, she is a worse-case scenario, and an example of why you need insane testers who really think up crazy scenarios, because, you know, children.

Meanwhile, I left my iPhone at work because I can, and I discovered that it gets about 3 days on a new battery. That's terrible. I need to research energy stretching because three days is simply unacceptable.I think that one week is unacceptable for my Rugby clamshell, so I ordered a new battery for it on Friday. I want my three weeks of standby back.

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