Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


We're back from the beach. We (me, my wife, and my daughter) went down to the shore for a few days (very north Ocean City) with our friend Xpioti and her brood for some fun in the sun. What made this work for both our wallets was the kind lending of a beach house by a church friend of ours. Vacations don't get much cheaper than that. Thank you, Martha.

Highlights of the trip revolve around going to the beach. The weather held nice, hot enough to be summer, but not so scorching as to make beach time miserable. We spotted a few dolphin pods swimming along. The kids threw themselves into the sea quite adequately and built a few sand castles. Between beach trips, we played some games, such as Cardline Animals.

The kids rocked along. They all got to sleep in the same bunk-beds, and as you remember, I am sure, is that bunk beds are the absolute BEST BEDS EVA. Miss Dash, my daughter, enjoyed her time, but did hit points where she just didn't want to deal with anybody else any more. Yeah, she does that.

We made everything work out somehow, usually by muddling through well enough that nobody drowned or starved, which suited us well enough. Of special note was the silver queen corn that we bought, which was OMFG delicious. We're talking TOTALLY AWESOME corn.

I wound up driving home a bit early to get to work today. The rest of the wagon train should be arriving sometime this afternoon. 

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