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Pushreels and Poptarts

I dropped off at the grocery today, a few days later than I usually do. I had this hankering for something, but I could not pin it down. Finally, I realized that I wanted BREAKFAST. Mmmmm. Breakfast. I picked up some waffles, toasted a few up, and enjoyed buttered, toasted waffles with apricot jam. Mmmmm.

I also attacked the lawn today. It was getting out of hand. I took my push-reel out and made short work of it. Folks always watch me while I used my push-reel. It's not a power mower. Some people think it's an antique. It's not. I bought it this year. This one goes very good through thickish grass. My older one hates thick grass, and I would have been crying in my soup had I let the lawn go this long.

I need to arrange a second coat of polyurathane, but not today. I really need to crack open my books and start reading.

The teacher did say we have to do dream journals. Since I woke up early this morning, I took it upon myself to start half a semester early on the project. :P Why not? I love writing. My only problem is my usual waking slowly, apathetically, then bouncing out of bed in a panic because I have almost overslept.

My Active Directory class at work got postponed again. *Sigh* 3rd time.

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