Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


When we got home from the swim meet on Sunday, we witnessed a standoff between our cat (hunkered and ready on our low porch) and the neighborhood woodchuck (hunkered on the sidewalk). When our car hit the driveway, the woodchuck bolted like a bag of muscle and blubber, half-rolling across the lawn, for hell hath no fury like a little red car of fury. Once out of sight, he stopped in our wildlife area to eat.

The cat looked smug. "Ha! Humans for the win! This is why I have big friends, not-so-big-now boy."

That woodchuck is really hefty. I mean, totally hefty. Up on his hind legs, he stretches almost a meter. I figure, 30-50 pounds easy.

And the best part of this year? He who decimated our crop last year can't eat our lettuce this year. We put up a fence. Tool wielding humans for the win!

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