Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Day Home

Miss Dash felt a bit under the weather today while Jenny had another doctor's appointment, so I stayed home and hung out with the family all day. After some snuggly minecrafting and Plants vs. Zombies, then we updated to the latest Minecraft and played around with all the new features.

We did a library visit. I amused myself by rereading  some of A Wizard of Earthsea. This particular copy predated 1979. I think it was the original library printing.

If you want to feel like a rank amateur who should stop writing and take up ditch digging, read LeGuin.

Jenny is urging me to write a short-story based on the Peahen Academy for Crossed Genres this month. I could do it, but there's more story there than a short story will hold. It's got me thinking, but what I mostly think is that I'm not a good enough writer at this point to pull that off. The Peahen Academy would be a truly vicious, heartbreaking, and gut-wrenching story should I ever put pen to paper. In short, it would be a trigger warning bomb.

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