Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Mr. Almost Classic Car

My almost-classic-car needs a bit of work. I knew about the muffler. I knew about the bad tired. I had forgotten about the leaking front axle. I don't want to hear anything said about the timing belt.

The muffler and the tires had to get done. Sold.

I'm putting off the leaking axle until it starts complaining. It's just a few hundred bucks. My car is mostly a beater these days, so the chances of catastrophe are small.

Both wheel wells are now rusting. I have a hold in one passenger side door. Two locks don't work. The remaining lock hates to work in the winter. The wheel lock sometimes goes crazy.

The timing belt + all the stuff that ought to go with it can go to hell. The belt will cost a pretty penny, but if you'r doing the belt, there's a bunch of others things to do while you're at it. That's a huge percentage of a car payment.

But aha, you say, if my timing belt goes out, my engine dies. Well, sorta. I have a non-interference engine, which means losing the timing belt doesn't kill the engine. That means that replacing the timing belt later isn't really more expensive than replacing it now. Gotta love those Subaru 2.2L boxers.

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