Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Wrap

With Jen having a hurt arm, this weekend was a bit topsy-turvy.

We went out to breakfast on Friday morning to Nick's Diner, but Miss Dash, my daughter, was sick almost immediately. We took breakfast to go.

Jenny's dislocated elbow is slowly feeling better. We haven't seen the orthopedist yet, so we still don't what's up.

On Sunday, it was the family's June Birthday parties. Insert too much good food. For amusement, my mostly grown nephews had a water-balloon battle. Much mischief was had, but the grand mischief went to my own brother. After assaulting his sons and nephews with water balloons, be grabbed baby Connor (15 mos.) and used him as a shield. That's what's meant by age and cunning.

Miss Dash is off to Chinese Camp for the next three weeks. The program is sponsored by Startalk, a program of the Federal Government to teach critical languages. All the spook organizations, DOD, and the State dept. are behind it. The good news is that the camp is free to us, isn't indoctrinating anybody is anything but learning Chinese, and is hopefully fun for our daughter.

With camp starting, we did have to scramble to find rides, but Jenny worked stuff out even if agonized by her elbow. (Go Jenny.)

Miss Dash's Chinese Name is something like Mu Xiao Xiao, except with proper emphasis marks and proper spelling.


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