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Easy Weekend

We spent this weekend taking it easy. We did have some things planned, but rain did them in. Good, because I really needed a rest after that walloping cold. The main chore was getting the lawn mowed.

Great thanks to Xpioti for helping my wife Jenny on that disaster that we call a basement. The improvements were noticeable and substantial. Stuff got sorted and dealt with, much of it from before we moved two years ago. My daughter's early childhood history is rolling out the door.

In mild woe, we appear to have some robins nesting in our attic vent. I think that they have wedged themselves between the vent and a slat that holds back the insulation. It's not dire yet, but it could turn annoying. I'm not sure what to do about it. My squishy, animal friendly part doesn't want to deal with it. Personally, I'm hoping that August deals with it. That close to the attic and that space may simply prove too fatal for the birds.