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Kindle Fire 8.5"

I've had my Kindle Fire 8.5" for a few weeks. Now, it's time for a short review.

#1. It's noticeably heavier than my other Kindles and my hands wear our fast. It doesn't fit in pockets. Some software (Minecraft) uses different size fonts and arranges itself a little differently on the screen.

#2. For videos, I definitely prefer my laptop, but that's more because the laptop stands up on its own better.

#3. I do like it and its responsiveness. It is a nice piece of kit.

#4. I make fewer fat-finger errors on the larger screen.

#5. Bigger screen is nicer for my ever-growing-older eyes.

#6. Skype support.

All in all, I prefer my daughter's 7" format in terms of weight, compactness, and convenience.

I can't say that I notice the limits of the resolution. The thing looks very nice to me. It's definitely a cut above my old 7" in terms of screen sexiness.

What did I miss out on by not choosing the next HDX version? Cost. A new HDX is $229 more than my refurb. A new HDX is lighter, which I like hearing about, but not $229 nice. An HDX also has a camera and flash, which I must say sounds handy, but I'm not sure it's $229 handy, especially when I have a $25 camera which is really nice, compact, and destroyable, and a full SLR for when I want nice pictures.

The thing did come with 4G capability, which might be useful on a month-to-month basis if we ever go on vacation again. As it stands, I turned it off to save power (along with all other unused antennas.)

At $200, this was a crazy-good bargain. The same refurb is now selling for $300. So, I have no regrets. I still have my old first-gen refurb ($80) if I ever need something more compact or destroyable.

In the end, the primary purpose of this beast is to play Minecraft with my daughter and other games as they become interesting. And maybe I'll even be able to see the Boggle board when my daughter is not sticking her head in the way.