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Weekend Fu

So, aside from the horrible head cold, how was my weekend? Pretty shiny, really.

I have to say, the weather was gorgeous. That's what I love about June. When she loves you, she really loves you.

On Friday, after the swim team pot luck, I got my birthday cake as requested. Jenny and Miss Dash made a Godzilla cake for me. Godzilla looked very 1954. He was made out of rice crispy treats molded around a Ken doll armature, helping him to look like a man in a suit. Jenny went over the whole think with food coloring, giving him a natural scaly look. The diorama also featured a burning building, a destroyed building, mini-soldiers and a tank.

Saturday breakfast was brown sugar muffins. Miss Dash cheered on a home swim meet on Saturday morning, then I took her swimming on Saturday afternoon. On Saturday evening, the whole family nestled down to watch "King Kong vs. Godzilla."

Sunday was church, then some park time with some other families. One of our families is a diplomat family, so they're headed out to Malaysia (Kuala Lampur).

I cooked dinner for father's day. We had meatloaf.

The cold finally seems to be abating. I look forward to a good night's sleep.