Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Birthday Breakfast

It's my birthday today, so we went out to Nick's Diner for an overcast birthday breakfast. I was treated to eggs over easy, scrapple, toast, and hold the homefries. That was just about perfect.

Today is also Miss Dash's last day of first grade. She's come a long way, and her reading is now very good. My reading was nowhere that good at the same age.

While playing in my car, Miss Dash told me how the battery terminal cleaner was a sea monster. I looked at that terminal cleaner, and the first thing that I saw was the planet killer from Star Trek. It had all the features, which makes me think that somebody saw the terminal cleaner and thought it would make a great monsters. They were right.

I wound up occupying Miss Dash by describing original Star Trek episodes.

Now I'm at work with a cold attacking my sinuses. It's gonna be a long day I think.

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