Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Summary

time for the weekend summary.

On Saturday morning, Miss Dash had time trials for the swim team. They ran it like a meet, so I learned how a swim meet works and how to time swimmers correctly.

The meet started off with practice, which threw Miss Dash into a tizzy by the end. She had to get in the water and swim laps, but she was easily the slowest, and wound up swimming into the fasted swimmers as the coach didn't wait for her to finish. She did multiple laps without a break because she could never catch up enough to rest. Calming down afterwards took her a long time.

Eventually, she did swim, and she swam slowly, but the time trial laps were far easier than practice.

The time for lawn mowing has come around, and that means bagging it and dumping it into the mulch pile. That's what I do for my wife.

At this point, I don't think that any seeds that I planted actually survived the winter or in any way germinated.

I trimmed back the neighbor's mulberry tree. I only got one ripe mulberry stuck in my hair. I still need to get my pole out and lop off some of the higher branches.

Jenny suggested kayaking, so we went up to Lake Needwood on Sunday morning, rented a kayak, and spent some paddling time on the lake. Miss Dash insisted on paddling and doing a credible job until she got tired.

Jenny's church had a sendoff for their old minister who is leaving yet again. He's a civil rights marcher from back when those marches were the thing. He turned around a congregation with nine families and turned it into the Dumbarton that it is today.

Minecraft also happened. I set up Minetest on my computer and Miss Dash seems to have accepted that version. 

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