Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Garden Warfare

It was full scale garden warfare yesterday. The drama may continue today.

In the defender's corner, holding the birdhouse are the wrens. They've settled and nested in a small birdhouse which is too small for most other birds. By now they should have eggs in there, or possibly even chicks.

In the aggressor's corner is two sparrows, an eager young couple looking for a place to hatch their eggs. "I'm very ready," says the female sparrow. They need a nesting spot and they need one now.

All day long, the sparrows have been haunting the birdhouse, keeping the thing under siege. All day long the wrens have protected their own. On multiple occasions, I've seen the smaller wrens directly attack the sparrows. They cannot retreat. They hold the box, so a draw means victory.

As of evening last night, the sparrows had moved on. Is this the end of the siege? I don't know.

Meanwhile, we saw the woodchuck again. He was standing outside our fence. It seems that he is going under a gate in the neighbor's back fence, which is just outside our garden area. Phew. He's a beefy guy, too, so he can't slip though most of the narrow areas. I now know where I need to reinforce under the gates so that he can't burrow under, because, you understand, it's only a matter of time before he burrows under.

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