Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

The S and N Divide

The Myers-Briggs system divides people into a bunch of preferences, one of those being the S and N. I'll skip the grand detail and summarize S people as detail oriented and N people as idea oriented. Most people are S people.

I see the S and N divide hitting my daughter, Miss Dash. She's having more and more trouble playing with the S kids and opting to play with the N kids more. Last night, she was playing with a lifelong friend from church, and she tired of playing with that friend quite quickly. On the other hand, there are friends that she can play with forever and a day. Then again, i think that she's an S too, so maybe I'm totally wrong here.

Anyhow, there some sort of divide going on between her and many kids in general, and I think it's an S and N thing. Miss Dash is an idea driven machine.

At the moment, I'd classify her as an INFP. I've thought that for years and I still haven't changed her mind.

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