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I have a tendency to think of very clever things to say, only to forget what they are by the time that LJ posting time comes around again.

With my daughter doing swim team this year, dinner is pushed back, and I find myself with an hour of discretionary time where I've not had an hour before. This is interesting. I've used that time to finish a cover, and also to update all my epubs with better formatting. I have a few cover redesigns that I've been meaning to do as well.

The amplifier for my computer died. I now have no sound. No biggie. The thing was $20 used. It provided good service for a year, doing its job admirably. I'll find something to take its place.

The cat has lost some weight recently. We aren't sure why. His appetite is picking up, though, so maybe whatever happened is passed. The cat was partly not eating because he did not like the food. He used to eat this food, but sometimes, I think depending on the batch, refuses to eat it. He's been a bit more ornery the last few days, so we think he's doing better.

The latest video craze with my daughter are Minecraft videos. She's learning all about a game that we aren't running, as those videos are for the full version, not the pocket version. I don't want to run the full version as that requires Java, and an old version at that. (Anyway, it seems like it wants an old version.)