Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Opening for "All the Saints Are Dead."

Here is the opening for All the Saints Are Dead.

Dragons kill their riders. That was expected. Every rider prepared for that day when her own beast would turn against her, but in the end, those dragons were always more prepared. When they killed, they knew full well what they were doing. Their attempts were premeditated and lethal.

Lotus attacked Kargen Lat just as she dismounted. The Astrean woman had only just slipped off the neck when Lotus jostled forward, knocking her rider down. From there, with a predators' speed, the dragon pinned Kargen with her foot, cracking the woman's neck with a twist of her head

What Lotus did next stunned even the Kalt handlers. Lotus picked up Kargen like a prize, then dashed into her pen. The heavily armored handlers did their best to intercept her, but they couldn't get a hook on her before she reached her cell.

From there, Lotus kept her hindquarters in the gateway blocking the entrance as she devoured Kargen. By the time that the Kurmeister could get in there, there was nothing left but blood. The dragon had even eaten Kargen's coat of chain.


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