Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


"All the Saints Are Dead" (my work in progress, 2nd draft) has hit the point where scenes demand to get moved around, one after the other, and slipped backward into the text. This is nitpicky, demanding work that makes or breaks the pacing and the introduction of information. It also kills speed dead.

It all has to be done, of course. The information being introduced is all too late and any sane reader would send me a thwack against the head for delaying the info dumps. That's an inevitable result of emergent writing as I develop as I go along, and only later realize that those developments really should show up earlier.

These days, I use the "just in time" method for delivering information. That usually makes introducing information more interesting and more manageable, but once I start sliding things about, I begin creating havoc.

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