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My wife's mom Judy and step-dad Ed are down for the weekend. They had one hell of a commute coming down 95 because it's Memorial Day weekend and 95 just sucks these days. Miss Dash was jumping-up-and-down happy to see them when they pulled up.

Judy brought a scooter for Miss Dash. I presume this is an excess scooter from one of Ed's grandkids. Miss Dash has tried it out and is eager to continue.

I have something resembling an agenda for this weekend.

  • Cut Lawn

  • See Godzilla

  • See Gozilla cut lawn

  • Cut, Godzilla, Cut

The weather is predicted to be wonderful.

My wife Jenny did lots of pre-cooking, meaning that yesterday's kitchen looked like a dish explosion. Her goal was to spend less time cooking with everyone over and more time visiting. Ed has Alzheimer's, so she wants to make the visit good. Ed's lost weight over the last few months, so there's lots of concern over him.

I'm sure there will be one picnic.

My daughter is determined to give a concert over the weekend. She's inviting the neighbor's kids. She doesn't know what she'll sing. This is a new determination with her, so we're letting her run with it.

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