Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Rain and the Apple Seed

It's one heck of a rain this morning. Thunder was rolling about lazily for a few hours before the rain began dropping, and now it's dropping. The cat was beside himself when I let him in, the thunder making him a hot mess. He was all "Daddy! Daddy!" in his body language. I had to retreat to the bedroom and close the door for any peace.

Yesterday, we got our apple trees in. We ordered one Enterprise and one William's Pride from Edible Landscaping. They got shipped in a long box, wrapped up together. I had no idea that you could ship trees that way.

We are putting the trees into the back yard. We have a rather shallow back yard with the near, flat side covered in grass, and the far, sloped side covered in jungle and a few courageous bushes. The apples went into the rear strip. In order to put them in, we had to take other plants out, so I dug and dug to tip the big bush out. Time was essential as I had an apple tree in the box that needed planting.

The trees were planted in that super-black crumbly dirt stuff, so when you pulled them out, all the dirt stuff collapsed around the roots. That was not what I expected. I had anticipated more of a root ball and dirt that clung to the roots. So plants wound up a tad bit more involved than I had expected.

The two trees are in. Now they are getting watered by the rain.

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