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Minecraft Stories

My daughter has asked for "Minecraft stories." What came out of my mouth was pure absurdity and lots of fun. "There once was a girl named Steve, who lived in MyWorld, because everyone in MyWorld was called Steve. Nobody knew who this 'Steve' was, but he sure did name a lot of people after himself." And so on. You can see the fun in it.

I admit to getting caught with the Minecraft hook. I learned how Survival mode works over the weekend, and now I'm on a quest to mine until I find lava.

My daughter is now pushing for me to get the full PC version of Minecraft, rather than the Pocked Edition. As that involves a rather elder form of Java, which is a deal breaker for me. Aged Java is full of security woe and I just don't want to go there. You'd also think that buying the game is brain dead, but the Minecraft site requires yet another account, and my brain just doesn't want to process yet another login and all that goes with it. All that I want to do is download and install Minecraft just like any other game. I have enough complexity these days.

Sometimes complexity and unknowns just give me little panic attacks. I don't know why. This never used to happen. I'll leave that as a post for another day.