Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Writing Update

"All the Saints Are Dead" has hit 43k as of this morning. I added a few thousand words over the weekend as I slog my way through draft #2.

The feedback that I've been getting on "Double Jack" has been very good. The story may not be there, but the new style seems to be rocking. I'd say that the book works for about 2/3rds, then sorta veers drunkenly into traffic. I could use a few more readers, as the style seems to work too well to be true, but so far all I've gotten are good intentions.

I want to spend more time on short stories, as that is an art that I really need to develop more, but I have the "Ivory RPG" and a short book on creating characters to finish as well. I also owe my daughter the completion of "Time Travel Rescuers." 

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