Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

A Day of LJ Changes

I like many of the improvements.

I'm getting used to this new layout. If I can use 15+ operating systems, I can get the swing of a web interface. Most of the problem is in a surprise. Your brain starts spinning because it wants to just go to where it already knows something is, and when it can't figure out where something is quickly, your brain starts going faster trying to figure out an illogical problem.

So, take my advice and step back. Relax. You will need to spend a little time getting to know where things are again. The layout is not insane, it's just unfamiliar. If you can choose to leave the familiar behind, then you can hop into the new format much easier.

I expect to see more changes to come along as the interfaced is rolled out. You see its direction and the overall experience should get more consistent.

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