Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Double Jack Review

My wife got done my second draft of Double Jack and gave me good feedback. It has issues, but the foundation is solid. Considering that the writing style is a leap-off-a-building learning curve for me, that's good news.

I need to pick up some speed on AtSAD. I need to do more night editing. I don't want to do too many edits on this one. I'd like to alternate between faster book and slower book. I have a limited tolerance for long development cycles on what I write, and right now, Double Jack gets that slot.

Meanwhile, BUY MY BOOKS because daddy needs a new muffler. Argh. The thing has holes in it. That is, it has more than one hole in it. (The car needs lots of work, so much so that I'd be better off buying a used car). For that matter, one of my doors now has a rust hole. So yeah, I'm now driving a rust bucket.

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