Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Another Wrap

For Mother's Day, we took Jenny out to the Silver Fountain on Saturday for dim sum. It was crowded.

Miss Dash roped me into helping her with a Mother's Day present. She taped many pieces of paper together to make a banner, than formed colored straws into "I Love You" and taped them to the banner. After that, we decorated the banner with drawings and stickers. Before Jenny got home, we hid it under the bed. We surprised her with it on Sunday morning. Jenny was utterly beside herself.

Lawn work got done. Lawn mowed. Also put the facing onto the garden gates. I still have critter-proofing to do, but the big strokes have all been done.

I made sticky buns again. This time, I followed the recipe. I don't like how much water they put into the caramel sauce, so I'll do less next time. I also need to use butter in the caramel sauce. That has more kick.

Miss Dash taught me how to play Minecraft. We also discovered that we could join each other's games because we could see each other across the network. Cool. We had great fun building together. Unfortunately, Miss Dash still like to grab my Kindle away and usurp whatever I'm building because it's all too exciting. Looks like we need to work on Minecraft etiquette.

I sent out Double Jack to my readers because I finally remembered to. I still need another reader or two. My potential readers just keep not following through.

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