Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Wrap

Saturday morning was a breakfast run to Nick's Diner. Always fun at Nick's. Following that was copious amounts of yard work. I hung both gates then started transferring dirt to the sophet beds. That work continued on Sunday. When I finished that I, I turned the tomato and cucumber beds.

I took some times to gather up some garlic and chive stalks from the yard. I made a huge sheath, cut them down, and dried them. They're mostly dry now, but I need them super-dry-dry if I want to store them for use during the year. I did a little cooking with them and even Miss Dash loved the taste.

I showed Miss Dash the Creation Kit for Skyrim, and miss Minecraft addict fell in love. So, we're busy trying to figure out how to use that toolkit.

WIP has hit 37,000 words. I'm truly impressed at myself. First drafts usually peter out about 15-20k words.

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