Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Easter weekend went well.

On Friday, we visited family up in Westminster. Val was up from NC. Most of my nephews didn't make it. We had lunch as an Irish pub, then went off to the Carroll County Peep Show, which featured many, many peep creations.

Saturday we did some cleaning, then went OH-MI-GOSH when Christi called reminding us of a birthday party for her daughter. So, I rushed out the door with Miss Dash while Jen continued cleaning for guests.

Sunday was Easter, which sucked up most of the day. There was also some cleaning. After Easter dinner, we rushed out to see "Rio 2", which we had been intending to see for a week.

(Short form review: Rio 2 was entertaining enough as long as you didn't think about it.)

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