Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Picnic Madness

Picnics  took over the weekend.

On Friday, we got to the cherry blossoms before the rain rolled in. There were lots of people, of course, but not an insane number. Miss Dash played with the fallen petals, of course, went playing hide-and-go-seek in some forsythias (and we couldn't find her), and a Marine Corp. helicopter seemed to be shuttling out folks from the White House as it kept flying out and back.

Saturday evening was a picnic with some church friends. There was a stream. There were children. All other entertainment was moot.

On Sunday evening, Miss Dash wanted to go to the park, so Jenny picked up our date night food from Boston Chicken and we had a picnic at the local park.

The weekend capped with Miss Dash getting sick. She brushed her teeth without being asked and got ready for bed. Yeah, that's how I really knew that she was sick. She only woke up once at night.

The days themselves are now warm to hot. Windows were opened. Cars were washed (with the aid of three children). Cats were amused. (By amused, I meant that I made the mistake of laying down for a nap and the cat joined me.)

I put in some fencing for the back yard garden. I've gotten three lines in, with the bottoms buried 8 to 12 inches down. The ends still need a bit of fudging to keep hungry critters from squeezing through. I still have one line of fencing to go, and it's the doozy.

Jenny wrapped up her edits on Tropacetic. Now I get to lay in the edits, then slice out about 500 words to bring it into submission range for magazines. A well known name could get away with 10.5k, but I'm not a well known name. I'd rather get known for playing well. In the end, that makes you money.

I've gotten through most of the main Skyrim quests. (I never plan to do some of them, like vampire, werewolf, or assassin.) I'm now starting to play with mods. Once I've explored everything, the game starts wearing off for me.

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