Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


More gardening happened this weekend at is usual wayward pace.

I redug some of the fence poles because they were not down. One hammered in pole it an 18x24 in rock. I kid you not. It must have been pulled up when the basement was originally dug out. The other pole hit a knot of roots from an old, unfindable stump. I ended up hacking out a place for it. Good enough.

I hacked down some grasses as well, because those elephant grasses needed hacking. All that hackage went to the old garden area, which we have decided to turn into a wildlife zone. The grasses will be part of a brush pile for the birds and other critters.

I moved the f***** wood pile. It's now off to one side and not blocking the yard. I still need to dig out the sassafras that had grown under it, taking it up by the roots.

Jenny got the tomato beds cleared up, then dug out the soffit beds, putting a top layer of icky dirt over the new corn bed. Eventually we will get a better layer of dirt for the soffit beds.

Still lots to be done, but at least we are advancing against the ages of neglect in the yard.

What didn't get done were taxes. I must do taxes.

What didn't happen was snow. Yay no snow.

What DID happen was GREEN. Everything that was ready to start turning green and blooming has dashed off, starting this race into spring. Damn, it's good to see green stuff again. Yay flowers.

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