Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Visit from JJ

I had JJ Kelley over for a visit on Monday. I took the day off, did lots of errands in the morning, and grabbed her for the afternoon and evening. All was good. Much talking happened, and a little bit of conspiring as well. Hopefully she will get off her behind when she gets back to England and make me a cover for Tropacetic. The proposed some cheezy 70's style cover, which is right down the alley for what I'm thinking.

I don't think I've seen that woman in fifteen years. Wow.

Amazingly, Squirrel the cat took an immediate liking to her. He even let her pet his tummy without shredding her arms off. Let's just say that I'm floor. That woman has cat karma beyond cat karma.

Other than that happy visit, I've been digging post holes for gates to the new garden fence. We have some wicked nasty rocks in our soil, and I found that my wrecking bar proved very handy in wedging them out.

I also banged in many poles for the wire. Most of them went in, but a few have proven extremely difficult to hammer. I'm going to have to go in with a post-hole digger, clear out behind them, find the problem, and dig it out with the crowbar.

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