Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Holy blasting ice, Batman, it's a snowstorm in the middle of March. What weirdo dimension did we just enter? I can't remember a snowstorm this big, this late.

The gardening this weekend did not go smoothly. We rented a rototiller to break up our sod, but it turns out that our sod was tougher than the tiller. The best that it could do was bounce off the top.We also began fencing. I did get some assorted plant life away from the proposed fence line. Jenny got the fence posts. I intended to hammer some in over the weekend, but I came down with a headache.

On Friday night, it was Jenny's designated birthday dinner. I made her liver, onions, asparagus, and biscuits in heart shapes. She adored dinner. We had pie for dessert because it was pi day.

I wrapped up writing on Tropacetic. I have it printed out for Jenny to edit. After that, i try to sell it.

I am next headed into an unnamed new Endhaven novel, this one taking place on Astrea. For now, it's "Dragonriders of Astrea," but that will surely change. Count 18 months from now, so say late 2014, around September. Those things take considerable development to work right. I do intend to go quicker than last time, but I also intend to wedge more short stuff in there between drafts, and then keep plugging away at Double Jack as well.

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