Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend of Doom

Weekend of Doom? Really, weekend of cleaning. We got ready for hosting church potluck on Sunday. All went well in the end. Jenny made a fabulous beef and barley soup for our guests. We packed 14 people into the house. It was just about exactly the right number. Somebody brought an extra chair, too, then gave it to us, so we now have a new wooden chair.

To add to complexity, Jenny found out that we had coffee hour on Sunday morning, and that Sunday morning was also combined services with Mount Zion (the black Methodist church around the block). That meant double the number of tables for food. All went well. Yay.

With a day off on Monday, Xpioti came over with her brood and much good playing happened. Also, laundry and burning more old firewood for ash.

I completed a paper-version layout for Macbeth the Usurper. If the cover gets through technical approval, then I'll order a paper copy for myself. And maybe, just maybe, someone will find a reason to buy the paper version.

Sales on Macbeth have stalled at four. Thanks to all who have contributed.

At this point, I'm waiting for my plan to kick in. Somewhere around mid-February, students who are studying Macbeth will suddenly realize that they need to read the play so that they can write papers. That's where my mad plan begins. So, now we wait to see if that plan is good or not.

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