Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Subtle Changes

This year has been more and more subtle changes in Miss Dash.

So today, she wakes up and doesn't bother with snuggling time with mom. That moment, snuggle time, used to be the absolutely most important time EVAR. Now, it can get skipped if Miss Dash feels like it.

In play, she stopped being loud at play. She is much softer now. She often tells us, "Don't listen!" So, we move on and don't listen. Some things about play just get too private.

WHEN had become a much better developed skill. Days of the week last year were very mungable. Now, days till Saturday matter. She's developed a mental map of time.

Lately, I'm invited to snuggle down with her as she goes to sleep. I'm trying to say "yes" more because, all too soon, the time will come when there are no more invitations. 

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