Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Whatta Weekend

The weekend started off silly, as Miss Dash had pajama day at school. We went out on Friday night to a nearby TexMex place, and who should we run into but her first grade teacher. Small world.

I squeezed in some Elder Scrolls Online beta playing. It generally occupied me. My only real complaint is that it's not a pure sandbox like the stand-alone game. Of course, being an MMO, it wouldn't be that. For some design work, I really like what I saw. It matched some of my fighter redesigning that I did last year. Well, not exactly, but they did give the fighting classes "nice stuff." (I don't think that any of that should violate the nondislosure.)

I got more done on Miss Dash's Christmas presents. I've begun modifying some of the furniture that she'll be getting.

I traipsed off to see Mazzy Star at the Fillmore. They were a quality band. They put up a screen and showed abstract images while they played with lights low. You really couldn't see much of the band, let alone Hope. They were not the center of attention. They were also not very interactive with the audience. Hope mostly pantomimed what she wanted, said thank you, and possibly one other sentence.

Mariee Sioux was one of the opening acts. She sang very prettily and easily won the charm contest. The had one of those pretty repertoires which soon felt redundant, as the songs were all similarly pretty. Otherwise, and delightful act.

The Psychic Ills were the second band. They needed work. Their lead guitarists were solid, but their backing band lacked. The drummer was a simple banger and boring as hell. He needed replacement. Psychedelia doesn't work with such a simple drummer. Meanwhile, the bassist just sorta mechanically played through the pieces. I don't know if it's lack of confidence or just limited skill, but the bass work just didn't keep up with the guitar work. I think there was a synth, but that wasn't mixed in very well, so I couldn't hear it.

We had fun watching the new MLP episode on Sunday. Miss Dash is excited to see more. I look forward to the non-plot episodes.

Jenny wrote a Christmas pageant in a day. She did a charming job. I've never read one like it. Bravo, Jenny.

Wrapping this all up is the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode. We enjoyed it. I can't say that the episode was the "game changer" that some claim, but it did introduce many fun directions for the next season or two. Ultimately, it was a story of heart, and that meant more than the special effects.

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