Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

The Sky

When I got off from work, the sky was AMAZING. Five minutes of perfection. I wish that I had a decent camera on me. As it was, the camera that I did have would not have collected the azure and golden hues at all.

Miss Dash woke up early this morning, 2 am, to join us in bed. I got kicked a lot. When I slipped out to write at 6 am, she woke up and followed me out for more snuggling. No writing today. That's OK. I'm mostly done this draft of the secret project code named Macbeth 2.

Miss Dash asked about Harry Potter last night. It must be getting to be a meme among her grade. So, she got Harry Potter 101 from us this morning. We may read the first book to her.

Meanwhile, I've been making an apple stand for Applejack. It's entirely from recovered wood. In this case, it's maple salvaged last year from a neighbor's tree. 

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