Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Projects Ending and Beginning

A big push for me is to wrap up those lingering projects. This weekend, I assembled my three novels together into one big lump: Ironmongers, The Jura City Trilogy. I've put it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Shockingly, I've already gotten a sale. Maybe that cover redesign is doing me good.

I sawed apart another piece of walnut. This was mostly 1/4" rips.

I've restarted work on an apple stand for Applejack. This will be out of maple salvaged from a neighbor's yard last year. It's been drying all winter. I ripped out some legs for it. The frame should go together fairly quick.

Xpioti and I went to the Scottish jam session while Jenny watched the kids. Meanwhile, the kids had a great time seeing and playing with each other. (She has great kids.) Xpioti wondered if we could do this on a monthly basis, and when we got back, the kids had already proposed making this a regular thing. Yeah, oh yeah.

Learning Scottish tunes is fun. They have different rhythms, and the modern stuff just loves to show off fancy rhythms.

I did some rearranging of the workshop. I really needed to get that damned lawn mower a better home.

I did no gardening. However, said kids loved playing with the long stuff that I cut down last time. Kids love sticks.

We took some time and went to the Blacksmith festival at the farm park. We went just long enough to have a nice drive and enjoy the weather. The tool card didn't have anything interesting this year. There were no funnel cakes. But, we did play the games and hit the corn maze.

Miss Dash is now waking up in the morning, then playing by herself or reading for a while, before she "wakes up." That's good.

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