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Blood and Books

I gave blood today. This was the first time in 18 years that I gave blood. It's been a long, long time. Last time was at Virginia Tech. Way back when, the woman did my blood test, did some forms, went back to the blood test and said, "Oops, must have made a mistake. Let's try this again." We tried it again, and wow, I was BOTH A and B. I'm an AB-. Very rare I am.

After filling out the forms, they gave me an AIDS booklet to read. Hmmm. Then, they had me answer many questions, which made me feel like I must have had a boring life or something. I had never done any of these things. After the mass of screening questions, it was off to the bleed-me room. I walked in, and the first person that I saw was a fellow "new hire" from when I got hired earlier this month. At every stage of the hiring-on process, she had been there. It was an interesting surprise to have my friend stick me with a needle and bleed me of a pint of blood.

The first time did not work out. The blood was just not flowing out of the first vein. That meant they had to take out the humungous need and put in another one. Grrr.

Giving blood takes time. For me, it takes extra time. I take twice as long as normal folk, due to my low blood pressure and low heart rate. Damn this healthy body of mine. The worst part was when a co-worker came in, got hooked up, and finished only moments after I did. That isn't fair. The second worse part was givign blood during lunch. I was hungry, and just inside the "canteen" were all these snacks and goodies for the blood donors.

The nurses were concerned about me when I got up. They always are. Little did the know that I would wind up running around the building as I normally do. Either blood loss doesn't bother me much, or I am so naturally dizzy that I don't notice.

Today is also my first day of school. Yay. I like school. I especially like the girl watching at school. Whohooo. But seriously, I have to wonder how I didn't explode in a chemical frenzy when I was 18 and in school. I have no idea. I must have been repressed, which is why I was depressed. Ahh, youth. You forget these things.

I am studying Introductory Psychology. If I like it, I will study it more. I really enjoy my job with computers and all that, but I don't think that I can run around forever. If I like it, I'll try to transfer to a different institute which does psychology. That would be cool. I could meet researchers and see if I want to be one. I could be a researcher. That would be cool.

The bookstore had it's normal line. Books still cost lots of money. (How did I afford them when I was in college???) Interestingly, the line moved quickly, which is a far cry from my old Tech bookstore line-waiting days. Then again, I bought my books at odd times, so I often didn't need to wait in line.

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