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Bathroom Work

I finally got the vanity into the bathroom. Yay, me. It's only been six months. Mind you, most of that time was working with the tung oil. Pure tung oil is a bitch. I thanked myself again for buying clamps last year as I absolutely needed them to hang the doors. I hung the side panels using velcro. That means that I can pull off the sides if I need to.

As usual, the plumbing part kicked my ass for a while but I eventually worked through all the leaks. It only took two visits to the hardware store. That's a record low number for me.

What remains to be done is screwing the thing to the wall (maybe) and sealing around the sink.

Also on Monday, I had the day off furloughed, so I went up to see Miss Dash's first grade class. If that's an example of Maryland's new curriculum, I'm for it. I like what these kids are doing. We didn't do anything that cool or far along in first grade.

My biscuit making fu continues to grow strong.