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Weekend Adventures

Jenny threw a tasting party for her friend who sells Tastefully Simply. We had a full house and Jenny did a wonderful job with recipes. All the visiting kids had fun running around. The girls loved going outside a night, unsupervised. I washed dishes for three hours. I do not exaggerate.

On Saturday, we went to the Maryland Ren Fair. The pirate ship was must-do destination. After that, Miss Dashed climbed up the climbing wall and LOVED it. I was glad that she did so well.

The day itself was hot. It was almost 90 in October. That made for tiring and thirsty fairing.

I continued work on the bathroom vanity. I will attach the sides with velcro. Speaking of the sides, I cut the wrong pieces for the side, so Jenny and I had to confer and work out a backup plan. Yay for me making a table saw sled last spring.