Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Macbeth 2: Even more revenger

More on Macbeth 2. I may have to actually write this.

A chest woman disguises herself as a fat scholar, Geoffey Chaucer, and leaves from London, along with some pilgrims, to visit Cantebury. One night, they get lost and wind up in Inverness, where three strange women point them to an abandoned castle. The women are witches, who raise up the spectre of the Lady Macbeth who died of suicide. The Lady then causes a string of outlandish suicides. First, horse throws itself from the battlements, impaling itself on a spear. The cook throws himself into a cooking pot, simmering himself to death. The penitant with stigmata nails himself to a cross, then pierces his own side with a spear.

FInally, Chaucer fights Lady Macbeth in the chapel. Wielding the cross from the chapel's altar like a two handed sword, she tries to defeat the Lady, but the Lady gets the best of her. Macbeth tries to slash out Chaucer's belly, but Chaucer has replaced her fake belly with a bear trap, catching her opponent. The Lady Macbeth screams, "No man can kill me." "I a no man," says Chaucer, showing off her bra and her DDD's. With the Lady Macbeth finished off, Chaucer guts the three witches, splattering blood across their tiny little hut.

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